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I don't know, I like the freedom it gives, sometimes people don't like my bullshit :l do you want me to un-anonymed myself? and I choose the kitchen for sure, it can make a kind of snack if people let food on their flood! And you? :)

Yeah unanon yourself lol and hmm I’d probably do kitchen to cause I’d eventually just start checking the fridge once the floor is done lol

I already do both baby so it's hard to choose ;) You'd rather eat a bowl of vomit (not yours) once a week or eat a hundred human nails (not yours either) everyday?

My bad anon! Why are u anon anyways? And uhhh vomit freaks me the hell out! So probably nails… Ugh. Actually uhhh yeah the nails. But that’s gross ass shit too! Would you rather clean 100 dirty bathrooms a day or lick a whole kitchen floor clean with your tongue?

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The man in the picture is Rachid Nekkaz, a French-Algerian businessman living in France.

He heard about the niqab ban in France. Then he announced that he will pay all fines for women who wear the niqab - not just in France but “in any country in the world that bans women from doing so”.

He opened a fund of € 1 million. Then he said, “My sister, go out free wherever you want and I will pay the fine for you”

Allahu Akbar, May Allah reward him.

Take note FEMA this is how you properly do activism to help women who cover themselves. 

Haha, well it's a good answer but the anus were supposed to stay on your ass, just the big hole for your nose XD

Lmao oh shit haha I didn’t even realize that 😸 . would you rather shave off your eyebrows for a month or pick your nose hairs strand by strand??

Would you prefer to have two anus or one big hole instead of the two little you have on your nose?

Lol very weird question but I like it! Uhhh I’d probably go with one big whole cause having two anuses for a nose would take up my whole face lol. Thanks anon for this ? I needed a chuckle lol

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i think honestly what amazes me most about all the thin women whining about nicki minaj is that she didn’t even really insult you????? she didn’t call you unattractive or unworthy or ugly she just said “fuck you, i want some fat women out here”

like how whiny and self obsessed are u